3855 Wolverine St NE, Ste A2


Monday and Tuesday 1 pm - 4 pm

Wednesday and Friday 10 am - 1 pm

Please Call Ahead for Pregnancy Test


Pregnancy Tests

St. Germaine Pregnancy Support Center offers pregnancy tests on location  free of charge in order to give mothers immediate support.

Pregnancy Consulting

Free educational pamphlets are accessible and books/videos are available for loan from the pregnancy center library. One-on-one consulting is also provided when needed. 

Free Resources

Free Ultrasounds are offered twice a month.

New and used  baby clothes, and 

diapers and layettes are given free when needed. Referrals for medical assistance, local shelters, homes for pregnant teen and young adult, and adoption information are also provided. 


         Ultrasound Van

Visits twice a month on Wolverine St

         for Ultrasounds & STD tests

Most  Mondays

10 am - 3 pm



Hours of Operation:

Monday & Tuesdays: 1pm - 4pm

Wednesday & Friday: 10:00 am - 1:00 pm

 Thursday: Closed

Phone Number:



3855 Wolverine St. NE Suite A2,

Salem, Oregon 97305

(1/2  block west of Lancaster, on right, in bldg A)


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Here are some stories from our experience at St. Germaine's:

Help Us

Each of us has been blessed with certain gifts and strengths, and as Christians, we have an obligation to use them. With a dedication to defend the unborn and stand against the evil of abortion, St. Germaine Pregnancy Support Center provides that opportunity to serve and appreciates any offers to help.


 We accept the following:

Clean and gently used young children clothing

Clean and gently used maternity clothing

Diaper Donations- particularly sizes 4, 5, & 6

Volunteer Time

Share with us the joy of knowing that, through your support and service, the life of a child could be saved from the violence of abortion. There is no greater reward than to witness a heart changed and a life saved!

So please take a moment and consider offering your gifts and strengths to the many needs of mothers and their children in crisis pregnancy situations. Call or email us to volunteer or donate. 


"The young mother spoke little English. Her infant daughter lay in the stroller, and her little boy began to play with the toys in the corner. A few minutes later, she left with a small packet of diapers and a few children's clothes for the upcoming month. With a smile she accepted a prayer card on the way out the door."

"The 15-year-old student breathed a sigh of relief at the negative results of her pregnancy test. She was encouraged to think of secondary chastity as a gift she could one day give her husband. Would her boy friend honor her choice to refrain from sex? She believed so. She was invited to return for another test in a couple of weeks."

"A young woman admitted to having had an abortion a few years before but was hoping for a positive pregnancy test today. When the couple was reminded of God's infinite mercy, her boyfriend said he had been wanting to confide in his pastor and seek reconciliation. He regretted what had seemed like their only choice then. She nodded in agreement."